Non-Governmental organization of professionals
«Systematic support for children with autism «The Little Prince»
(In the past – “The Sunny Circle”)
cares about children and families with autism carry out such
social services:

  • Information – provide the information necessary for solving of difficult life situations of families of children with autism; the spread of modern objective information about autism, the ways and methods to help children with autism;
  • Habilitation – early care for children with autism; promoting quality of life for children and their families;
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation – conducting counseling and satisfying individual needs of each child; creation of conditions for education of children; development, creation and support of social skills; assistance in identifying the key problems and ways of solving them;
  • Psychological – providing advice on mental health and to improve relationship with the surrounding social environment; the use of psycho-diagnostics, aimed at study of the socio-psychological characteristics of the individual, with the purpose of its psychological treatment or rehabilitation, provide methodological advice

Practical Activities NGO «The Little Prince” is carried out in the format of three independent centers, each of which has a unique structure and content of the work:

1. The Inclusive Resource Center
(Head – Anna Biryukova).

2. The Center for Habilitation and Development
(Head – Natalia Kompanets).

3.  The Centre for Treatment and Development
(Head – Alexander Kovbasyuk).